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Plumbing and Heating services

We offer a wide range of services. For more information on each service follow the link, for more description of what we have to offer. We cover Burton on trent, Derby, Uttoxeter, Swadlincote.

Having your gas appliance serviced regularly, will keep it in its best and safest condition. Also will maintain manufactures warranty

With experience in all plumbing and heating work. From installations to repairs and upgrades.

Boiler installation with 5-10 year warranty for peace of mind. Magnetic filter and system flush included.

We service boilers fire and cookers, a digital copy of the certificate is sent to the landlord and can also be sent to the tenant.

Sometimes things go wrong at the worst possible time, give use and call and we can get the problem sorted quickly.

A dirty heating system is the most common problem and cause for boiler breakdowns. Having your system flushed will make your boiler more efficient.

With experience from all main boiler manufactures I have the experience to fix and repair your gas boiler.

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